Sophie & Gary’s Shack

{December 25, 2008}   From Gary

Okie, let me be upfront. I was never too kicked to be on this blog. I have read many a blog and I even like some of them. But I have always shyed away from writing one myself until Soph came up with the idea.

As ever and just as with any other idea that she comes up with, I said, “No”

But just as any other situation, she got the better of me Sorry Soph. and here I am writing my very first post for the blog. I have no freaking clue of any blog lingo/etiquette and I think I will just take up things as they come.

So why are we here?

Soph and I have been in this relationship for almost four years now. We have been living in with each other for a year now. Each day is unlike another and this relationship seems to be meandering down paths which we would have never imagined a college love story to take. In this journey together, we face our own crests and troughs (more of the latter.) So one day in characteristically Sophie style, she woke up in the afternoon from a nap and was convinced that we could deal with this relationship more maturely if we could stop and think more. To top it she was convinced that there was no better way to think than to write about it.

Fair enough- but in a blog? A public forum? No way!

I am definitely the shy one amongst the two of us and it took a lot of coaxing from her end to even get me till here. So here we are, the two of us, to talk about our lives the way we see it unravel in front us.

Okie now now people, let me not get carried away. Think I have already crossed the threshold for a newbie blogger. Will be back with a post sometime in the weekend.

Today will be a hectic day for both of us- what else, but Christmas Parties!!!!

What is my next post going to be on you ask? Hmmmm Maybe I will write about a time and world without Sophie in it!(Shhhh….she is around)

Actually, it will be the story how we met. What say? Excited??




{December 24, 2008}   Our first one!

Helloz everyone!
Well there is no one around yet but am pretty sure Gary and I will get all of you on your knees before us pretty soon. And before you know, you will be eating off our hands(all the good looking single men- read it as my hands)

So who are we?
We are Sophie & Gary. We met each while we were doing our under graduation in what most of you would call a small town.

Was it love at first sight?
Naaaa! We almost tore each other apart in a debate competition. I will keep our love story for another day,another post.

What are we doing now?
Well, we currently stay in Bangalore and ya we live in(ooooh Tabboooo,do I hear you say?) and we are rocking our lives away in this groovy city.

What is this blog about?
We are pretty late to this whole blog thing baby. But when Sophie and Gary are in ito something, we are there to rock it. This is going to be our account of all our experiences- our loves,our hates,our pet peeves,pretty much everything the way we see-with four eyes!!! Yes, Gary is going to be writing as well.

Watch this space for more!

et cetera